What Mermaids Are Saying

Since beginning sea moss, I've noticed improvements in all of my thyroid related issues.... especially energy levels 🤩 hello new, better normal!


Before I had heard of the benefits of Sea Moss, I was spending countless dollars on supplements to help me feel better with my fatigue, metabolism, energy, and sleeping patterns. At first, it was one more thing I would be buying I wasn’t sure would make a difference and it seemed like I had tried it all. From even the first day taking it, I could tell a huge difference in my energy. It has been a short amount of time since taking it and I am waking up early again without feeling a drag, I’m sleeping soundly at night, and my energy for not only myself but for my kids is something I haven’t felt in a long time without needing extra supplements. Meleaha is passionate about what she does and the quality of product and care she puts in to this. I’m so thankful for the gift Sea Moss has has given back to me and my family.


The seamoss has really been helping with my bloating that was the first thing I noticed! I usually only take vitamin C in the morning and I only will drink about 2-3 bottles of water all day. But I increased my water intake and have been doing the seamoss every morning since Monday! I can’t wait to see what else it will help me with!!❤️ and on the plus side it doesn’t taste that bad!!