About the Owner

Hello, my name is Meleaha and I am so glad you are here and welcome to my Mermaid Moss. I am a mom to two boys and have a wonderful life partner. Like many people feel at different stages in their lives, I started feeling like it was time for a change of my own. I felt very depressed and down in the dumps, resulting in my motivation to do anything to be almost non existent. I knew I wasn’t feeling or living the quality of life I should be. I had an awful coffee addiction that never seemed to satisfy my craving for an energy boost and it felt like a bandaid, really just a quick fix but wasn’t near sufficient in my needs. I knew that not only for myself, but for my family that it was time for a change. I have a passion for natural living and had heard about sea moss but never dug into it until I needed that change. After seeing the amazing results and the drastic changes within myself after providing my body with the minerals it was always meant to have, I knew I had to share this finding with the people I care about most, and that’s all of you. Mermaid Moss has a mission to help inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle that is ready for you to feel the way you are meant to feel and live your life the way you should feel.